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Cute-kitten-in-a-pot by minecraftbob
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Cute-kitten-in-a-pot :iconminecraftbob:minecraftbob 1 2
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Skyrim - Curved Swords by TomPreston Skyrim - Curved Swords :icontompreston:TomPreston 870 0 Into The Storm by yuumei Into The Storm :iconyuumei:yuumei 20,026 568
Cold Flowers
I looked back; the city stretched and
pulled me under. I’ve lost my mind
in its jewellery stores and rat-holes,
eyes rolled seasick across its floors.
Angels and murderers ride the trains
mutely and cough when they cover
their mouths, flash their knives,
bare their teeth.
I’ll still walk a broken tunnel
long after I am gone
when the place has been picked clean
and the sun has passed out in her party
dress, the fairs all rolled away and
electric lights dying –
when I’ve made it to the edges
    crying and muddy on the banks of the river
    where God and the water meet
she’ll still be spread there, the sleeping
body of Ra, drunk cheeks for the
earth to warm its hands upon,
between the cold flowers
      of the morning after.
:iconemilygolightly:emilygolightly 20 22
Lose Yourself in Me by DestinyBlue Lose Yourself in Me :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 21,359 850 Not Alone by DestinyBlue Not Alone :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 20,925 913 Broken Window to the Soul by DestinyBlue Broken Window to the Soul :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 16,599 1,142 Sew Closed my Soul by DestinyBlue Sew Closed my Soul :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 26,992 1,762
Devious Journal Entry
So very sorry but I'm out of this debate. I'm taking down this journal (as its my most recent one) to prevent further discussion on a topic I no longer will talk about. I'm out.
You guys make up your own mind on what Gamersgate is. I want nothing to do with either side anymore.
I'll have a more fun journal or something else to go up eventually...
:icontompreston:TomPreston 105 404
I’ve been getting a lot of complaints from people saying they don’t like all the “feminism” and “SJW” messages that I’ve been putting into my comics lately. They want me to just make comics that are fun and don’t have political meanings or messages behind them.
Alright... I can get behind that. I understand that sometimes reiterating yourself on your political points can get a bit tiring, especially when you don’t yourself marinate in social justice issues 24/7. No problem!
Except... I haven’t really been doing that. Like, at all. These are the latest 27 comics and Illustrations I’ve made:
SYAC - BINGO by TomPreston NSYAC - Time After Time by TomPreston NSYAC - Winging It by TomPreston NSYAC - Crafty by TomPreston NSYAC - Dirty Fingers by TomPreston NSYAC - Premature Departure by TomPreston NSYAC - Less Is More by TomPreston NSYAC - Why Ask Why by TomPreston NSYAC - Listening In by TomPreston :thumb46741033
:icontompreston:TomPreston 47 140
Unfollow? PLZ?
So yeah... if you support #GamerGate in any way, could you please unfollow me? After yet another women in gaming being driven out of their home from DOXXING and rape/death threats, and the fact neo-nazi's have joined the cause... I want absolutely NOTHING to do with this group. I don't care if it'll lose me watchers or views or whatever, or if I don't completely "understand their cause!" I don't care now. There is no turning back for me. Please do not follow me if you support this clear hate group.
Likewise, if you don't support women's rights or the LGBTA movement, please either unfollow me or just don't comment or respond to anything I post from now on, ok? I don't want that anti-progressive hate filled stuff here either.
OK, thanks, bye.
:icontompreston:TomPreston 47 534
Goodbye Comments Section
So I finally bit the bullet and disabled comments on all my artwork. I had been thinking about doing it for a while now, and after conducting a poll and seeing an overwhelming support of doing it, I decided to finally act upon it. Deviations I submit will no longer have comments. Journals and my FrontPage will because I can’t disable those (trust me, I would’ve disabled my FrontPage comment section YEARS ago if I could. That place is a cesspool).
The reasons for disabling comments are pretty simple. I get a lot of hate on the internet and it’s negatively affecting me. I am, I admit, a special case. I likely get more hate than most “famous” DA users do, and as such I have to tailor my needs specifically. I also have been growing very wary about how toxic the DA community can be at times. DA doesn’t police new accounts and it’s very easy for trolls to perpetuate their activities. Blocking doesn’t really DO anything as anyone can just create
:icontompreston:TomPreston 59 437
Vivian James: The Not Mascot Mascot
Vivian James was created by 4chan as part of designing a character for The Fine Young Capitalist’s video game contest thanks to the amount of money they donated to the group. However, despite her original intent of being a video game character, she was quickly adopted by many GamerGate people as a sort of spiritual mascot for their cause. She appears in pro-GamerGate memes, user icons, fanart, etc.
While many don’t want to admit that she’s their mascot, if enough people keep using her to symbolize their struggles and as meme shorthand for their cause... I’m sorry but that’s pretty much the definition of a mascot.
A mascot is any person, animal, or object used to represent a group with a common public identity.
And it’s this reason people need to understand that as a mascot she can represent many things that aren’t part of her loosely defined “character.” Mickey Mouse, for example, is often use
:icontompreston:TomPreston 32 180
SYAC - Mascotchistic by TomPreston SYAC - Mascotchistic :icontompreston:TomPreston 771 641 SYAC - Seen The Light by TomPreston SYAC - Seen The Light :icontompreston:TomPreston 763 0 Historical Reenactors by TomPreston Historical Reenactors :icontompreston:TomPreston 2,149 0 JuggerNOT by TomPreston JuggerNOT :icontompreston:TomPreston 613 0


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i just looked through all (and deleted) all of my stories, and any other similar things. I apologise to any who took the time to read them, and weep for those who read the descriptions. I was a pretty terrible person, and had worse grammar than twitter. (pretty sure that isn't possible, but still).


United States


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